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Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 Win Email Delivery

You will receive your license key via email upon receipt of payment (check your spam and junk folders if not received) Supports microphones built into many laptops. Let your voice do all the typing. Dragon, the world’s best-selling speech recognition software, lets you dictate documents, search the web, email and more on your computer — quickly and...

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NITRO Pro 10 PDF File Creator Editor 1PC Email Delivery

A great alternative Nitro PDF Pro delivers a feature-rich, robust PDF experience. The result is a highly proficient application that costs a fraction of Adobe, but also provides customers with the support they need. LIFETIME LICENSE - NEVER PAY AGAIN Download and Official Product Key is provided. INSTANT EMAIL DELIVERY - Super Fast Delivery...

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Nuance Omnipage Ultimate19 ( DOWNLOAD )

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Nuance Omnipage 19 Ultimate is ideal for converting and archiving important documents. Capture text with your digital camera or iPhone® and convert it to text on your PC. Support of many output formats: PDF, HTML, Corel®, etc. OmniPage captures the data from PDF or paper forms and exports it as a table or database.


The Searchable PDF eDiscovery Wizard converts single or multiple PDFs, even of different types, into fully searchable documents. This saves you having to open individual PDF files or OCR processes that can accidentally delete important information. 


Cloud storage services allow you to store, share and archive documents quickly and easily. OmniPage Ultimate provides easy links to a variety of cloud and online storage sites. 


The OCR accuracy of digital photos was increased by as much as 25 %. The layout conversion has also been improved. More output formats are now supported. 


Working with OmniPage is now faster, easier and more convenient. Now all you need to convert documents and send them to any destination is the OmniPage Launchpad. 


For small offices or workgroups using a network scanner, OmniPage DocuDirect™ is the ideal and affordable solution for scanning, converting and routing small volumes of documents. OmniPage DocuDirect can be installed on a network server and automatically send converted files to one or more destinations or to any recipient. 

Product Features: 

PDF Search

Use eDiscovery Assistant to safely convert a single PDF or batches of PDFs in any format into completely searchable documents.

Batch Processing

Schedule large volumes of files for batch processing from folders or email, with unattended automation for real-time document processing.

Language Recognition

Process, edit and store documents from virtually anywhere in the world; the tool recognizes over 120 languages.

Improved Accuracy

Enjoy exceptional OCR accuracy of digital camera images; document layout improvements faithfully reproduce your documents in a variety of output formats.

Scanner Integration

Works with any scanner - mobile scanners, desktop scanners, all-in-one and multi-function printers.

Mobile Document Capture

Capture text with a digital camera or smartphone and quickly convert pictures to text documents. 


The excellent recognition of terms, characters and text structures in all formats makes work much easier from your point of view. With Nuance Omnipage 19 Ultimate Multilanguage full version, you can create new documents or transfer existing content with just one click. Of course, there are no changes to the layout as a result of the conversion. So don't miss out on the other benefits either: 

Outstanding accuracy for exact transfers

Easy connection with all common scanners

Conversion of documents directly from the cloud

Comprehensive processing of documents in any format

Fast routing within the defined network

Easy digital conversion of important paper forms

- Create new documents in no time thanks to outstanding word recognition

- Create fully formatted documents - the converted documents look exactly like the original.

- Convert documents quickly and easily with OmniPage Launchpad

- Automatically convert and share documents within your network directly from MFP, all-in-one device, scanner, email program or shared folders with OmniPage DocuDirect.

Product Details

You will receive your license key via email upon receipt of payment.

  • INSTANT Download and Official Product Key is provided.
  • EMAIL DELIVERY - Super Fast Instant Delivery (check your spam and junk folders if not received)

QUESTION: What methods of payment do you accept?

ANSWER: All prices shown are in Australia dollars and are the total price including GST for Australian buyers.  There are no added costs.

Payment methods accepted-

We accept Visa & Mastercard through CommWeb (Commonwealth bank) or Paypal.  You can also checkout using your Paypal account if you have one.

We also accept direct deposit payments (details are provided when checking out).


QUESTION: When will I receive my Product Key Purchase?

ANSWER:  If not listed as an instant email delivery others are emailed within 1-24 business hours excluding weekends and public holidays.


QUESTION: What should I do if I don’t receive an email?

ANSWER: Please contact us if you have not received your delivery email within 24 business hours after first checking your emails spam and junk folder.


QUESTION: What is your return policy?

ANSWER: There are no refunds or returns once a license has been emailed to the buyer.

Before purchasing we recommend the following:

Review the System Requirements and ensure you know exactly what software or programmes you will receive and their expected performance.


QUESTION: What do I do if I can’t install or activate my software?

ANSWER: Common install and activation problems can occur if you have a previous or trial version currently installed on your computer.  Uninstall these and try a clean install.

If necessary turn off any firewalls which may be preventing the installation and antivirus software.

Ensure the product key when inserted has no errors.

If you receive an "Invalid Key" message please contact us so we can check that there was no errors in the product key provided you. 


QUESTION: Do you provide a warranty?

ANSWER: Software Site warrants that all product keys provided will activate and validate with their respective manufacturers. We do not warrant any manufacturers software program, successful downloads, running of the software on your computer or any other technical problem that inhibits the downloading or running of the software program for which the license was purchased for.  We do not own nor do we sell any software program as it remains the property of the publisher we can only guarantee that the license purchased is valid to activate the software program it was purchased for.


QUESTION: Do you ship packages or media with downloaded purchases?

ANSWER: Downloaded software includes only the product key or serial number purchased that is sent via email along with the download link.  No retail box or package will be shipped to customers purchasing a download.


QUESTION: Will the product key activate the trial version I already have installed on my computer.

ANSWER: Most retail versions will activate currently installed trial versions however licenses distributed as oem, education and computer programmers versions cannot activate the installed retail trial version.  Licenses can only activate the program application and version they are distributed for otherwise an invalid key response will be displayed or some other error message.


QUESTION: Can I use the license key to renew my current subscription?

ANSWER:    Yes the licenses can be used to renew your existing subscription or to start a new subscription.


QUESTION:  I still have weeks/months left in my current subscription.  Can I purchase in advance at the special price?

ANSWER:  Yes you can purchase now and activate your license key at a later date.  The subscription period only begins when you activate the software.


QUESTION:  Are the license key Australian license

ANSWER:  Yes the product keys are Australian license keys which are used in Au/NZ region.  Once activated, you can use them overseas as you travel.


QUESTION: Why am I receiving an invalid key error message when inserting my product key.


1. Please ensure you do not already have a previously installed version on your computer and if so uninstall.

2. Please ensure you have downloaded the correct product version as product keys will only activate the version they are issued for.

3. Please check that you have inserted the correct product key with no errors.

4. If all the above fail please contact us and send a screenshot of the inserted product license and the resulting error message so we can investigate the issue and refund or replace with another license if necessary. 


QUESTION: I purchased a product key and cannot download the program can I get a refund.

ANSWER: No. We make no guarantees that any user can download any software program successfully and not encounter any problems.  It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that their computer meets all the system requirements to install the chosen application.  Most links provided to download the software program are the manufacturers official download site.  We are not responsible for anyones computer problems that may be encountered downloading and installing a program.  We only sell the license to activate the chosen software application and warrant that the program will activate with the license we provided. 


QUESTION: Do you guarantee that the program will download and operate on my computer.

ANSWER: No. We cannot make any such guarantee.  We do guarantee that the product key you purchase is a genuine and valid and will activate the program it was distributed for. 


QUESTION: How can I contact you if I have a question that is not addressed here?

ANSWER: We are committed to our customers as our reputation clearly reflects.  If you have a question, email us at  We respond to all emails within 24 hours, usually within hours. Although you can also phone us business hours we prefer to answer emails so we can keep track and have a record of the problem through an email thread which we can refer to.


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